Migrating from Java to Kotlin

What is Kotlin? It’s a programming language that runs over Java VM. Originally used to develop Android apps, but lately it’s been gaining ground in back-end development Isn’t Java enough for you? Java is an excellent programming language. But it was born in mid 90’s and it’s been a long while since that. Software development… Read More »

Over Engineering in Software Development

What I understand as over engineering As software developers we have a double challenge when we write our apps. We must write working readable code, and on the other hand avoid over engineering. In our environment we often refer it as ‘sending a rocket to the moon’. Obviously, when sending a rocket to the moon… Read More »

5 skills every senior sofware developer should have

Coding skills A senior developer must know one main programming language, and the most used frameworks in the market for that environment. Also has to be profficient in a couple more languages, so that you can make sure your team is using the proper tool for each situation. It’s good to have at least a… Read More »